Midlife Fulfilled Podcast: For People Over 40 Who Want to Thrive

Ep 60 Finding Fulfillment in Midlife Through Serving and Giving

March 06, 2023 Bernie Borges Season 1 Episode 60
Midlife Fulfilled Podcast: For People Over 40 Who Want to Thrive
Ep 60 Finding Fulfillment in Midlife Through Serving and Giving
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Show Notes

In this BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) episode, Mike McKeown shares his transition from a focus on traditional things like career, family, and finances to living a life pleasing to God. 

Mike wants to leave a lasting impact, and he discovered true fulfillment by doing what his creator has gifted him with.

Here are the key points we discussed:

  • Mike's goal was to build up a spiritual heritage and leave a legacy. He read the book "Die Broke" in 1993, which encouraged him to spend his money making memories and helping others. He realized that true fulfillment comes from doing what your creator has gifted you with. He didn't want to be on his deathbed wishing he had spent more time living life with God's purpose.
  • Mike started a ministry with a friend called BibleBagMinistry.org, where he gives out Bible bags to people and meets their needs by giving out blankets, hats, and food.
  • Mike encourages everyone to do their own research and come to their own conclusion about the existence of God, the truth of the Bible, and the resurrection of Jesus. 

Mike's story is an inspiration to anyone who is searching for fulfillment and purpose in life. He found his purpose by serving and giving to others, and by living a life pleasing to God.
As you listen to this episode think about how you're living your life according to the gifts given to you by your creator. 

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